what is in your -niana?

Niana represents the many parts that make up one's identity. We collect these parts through the things we hold on to, the art we make, the impact we leave. We are archivers, experts in our own lived experiences. What's in your Niana?

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Niana Sleeves

Hyphenate your look with attachable Niana butterfly sleeves, inspired by traditional Filipiniana wear.
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3D Printed Barongs

A modern touch to your traditional barong. Read up about our barong and how it's made.
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Wedding Gear

Thinking of adding a touch of culture to your event? Check out how some of our friends added their identity into their special day.
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-iana, or -ana :

a suffix that is used to describe a collection of things, facts, stories, and memorabilia that relate to a specific place, period, person, etc.

Niana was created from the "hyphenate" identity of the Filipino diaspora (think "Filipino-American") and acts as a personal archive of it's state as it evolves and shifts. Niana is a collection of the many parts of my own identity - pinay, queer, creator, and everything in between. Niana is a diary of my joy, struggles, triumphs as I evolve in real time.

Nicole-Jocelyn Sanchez

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