Nicole-Jocelyn Sanchez


Nicole is a rising fashion designer and constructor of clothing based out of the San Francisco Bay Area. Filipina-American in the heart and multi-displinary artist in practice, Nicole takes inspiration from her community: her first-generation family, the many educations of University of San Francisco's Yuchengco Philippine Studies Program, the researching/performing artists of Parangal Dance Company, and the many artists of SOMA Pilipinas. In 2023, Nicole was granted Balay Kreative Growth Program residency by Kultivate Labs, with the support of the Children's Creativity Museum, the City of San Francisco Mayor's Office, CAST, Trellis, and YBCA. Beyond fashion and art, Nicole is also a tenured performing artist of Parangal Dance Company, a novice long distance runner, and a full-time content web producer at Atlassian Co.

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Nicole-Jocelyn Sanchez

Based out of San Francisco, Nicole is a multi-disiplinary creative, centered on uplifting cultural and identity expression through fashion, art, and tech.

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